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1500℃ Crucible Furnace

1500℃ Crucible Furnace

Our 1500°C Crucible Furnace is designed for easy maintenance and convenient operation. The efficient design allows for dependability and durability. Insulation aids in heating uniformity for precise, uniform temperature control which is required for today’s high-temperature processes. This unit automatically sets the PID values for your thermal process.

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  • Easy maintenance
  • Convenient operation
  • Efficient design allows for dependability and durability
  • Insulation aids in heating uniformity
  • Precise and uniform temperature control required for today’s high-temperature processes
  • Automatically sets the PID values for your thermal process


  • Vertical, single-ended silicon carbide heating elements
  • High-temperature grade insulation
  • Tight-fitting insulating vestibule plug
  • Platinum/ Platinum 13% rhodium thermocouple lead wire and plug
  • Self-tuning temperature controller
  • Programmable heat-up to setpoint temperature
    • Indicates setpoint and process temperatures simultaneously
  • Excess temperature protection
    • Provides positive protection of both furnace and load in the event of failure in the primary control circuit
    • Redundant circuit includes separate analog setting instrument with manual reset push-button, magnetic contractor and independent thermocouple


  • Pots
  • Inert atmosphere retorts
  • Atmosphere retort limits the maximum temperature capacity to 1050 °C in lieu of 1500 °C with retort installed
  • Combustible gas safety system
  • Computer communications software
  • Programmable control (Option P)
  • Offers flexibility of ramping to multiple setpoint levels and holding for variable time periods at those levels
  • Digital communication kits
    • Allow modification and interrogation of all instrument control and configuration parameters from a remote computer
    • Ethernet communications available

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