Blue M Gravity Ovens

Blue M Gravity Ovens are designed for applications where a fan or other airflow would disturb the thermal process, such as the processing of lightweight materials or powders. These value-priced gravity convection ovens are used for many industrial applications such as drying and baking and require less temperature uniformity than other types of mechanical convection ovens. Each Blue M gravity oven model generates a unique natural air convection supply through perforated stainless steel shelves to achieve temperature uniformity without blowers.
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  • Stainless steel interior
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Vertical-up gravity convection airflow
  • Adjustable shelving with 2 perforated shelves for airflow
  • Gravity convection heating method
  • Range of sizes
  • 2 configurations
  • Economical design
  • Uninterrupted thermal processing via non-fan airflow system
  • Tight temperature uniformity
  • Independent and adjustable over-temperature protection against load and oven damage

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GO-27, GO-90, GO-136, GO-225


Blue M

Blue M

Thermal Product Solutions

Thermal Product Solutions