Chillers and Water Baths

Pacific Combustion offers industrial water baths and chillers from the top manufacturers in the country.
Water Baths

A water bath is a temperature controlled system for anything subjected to heat. Since water is able to retain heat very well, it is used as a method of incubation. Industrial and lab water baths come in standard, shaking and circulating models. Typical water bath applications include environmental studies, genetics studies, hormone studies, immunological research, metallurgical analysis, molecular biology research, tissue culture research, water quality research and enzyme studies. There are a number of other general industrial uses as well.
Industrial Chillers

Opposite to water baths, industrial chillers remove heat from liquids. Typically in lab applications, a chilled liquid is pumped through lab equipment. For industrial uses, used for controlled cooling of products and machinery.

Pacific Combustion features circulating baths, water baths, refrigerated baths, chillers and coolers for PolyScience, Precision Napco by Thermo Scientific and Lindberg Blue M by Thermo Scientific.

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