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Color-Q pH Natural Nitrile 2-Ply Powder-Free Exam Gloves -N085372

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Help maintain healthy skin pH with SW pH Natural premium nitrile laboratory gloves. Color-Q® 2-Ply construction delivers durability and visual breach detection. MilTek engineering optimizes thickness at cuff, palm and fingers to deliver tear-resistant cuff, protection you can trust and maximum tactile sensitivity. Fully textured surface delivers excellent grip in wet or dry environments for handling tubes, tips, glassware and instruments. TouchTek enhancement eliminates residuals, reducing the risk of skin irritation and sample contamination.

pH Natural® a proprietary coating and process that helps control the pH levels of the skin while wearing gloves. 1

Color-Q® Dual Color, 2-Ply construction provides the best of two worlds. The enhanced durability of a glove engineered with two distinct polymer layers, combined with the visual breach detection feature of a contrasted interior color.

TouchTek® On the outside, TouchTek technology reduces the contamination of sensitive materials and workspaces. On the inside, TouchTek reduces the chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, leading to irritation or painful reactions.

MilTek® A technology that delivers a more consistent thickness across the entire glove, minimizing the differences from finger to palm and from palm to cuff.

Non-latex nitrile offers superior abrasion and puncture resistance and the fully textured grip allows better handling of small parts and slippery objects.

1. Mirza R. A randomized, controlled, double-blind study of the effect of wearing coated pH 5.5 latex gloves compared with standard powder-free latex gloves on skin pH, transepidermal water loss and skin irritation. Contact Dermatitis

Features and Benefits

* pH Natural maintains healthy skin pH

* 2-Ply Color-Q® construction provides durability and visual breach detection

* TouchTek helps prevent skin irritation and sample contamination

* MilTek optimizes thickness for durability and tactile sensitivity

* Fully textured surface is touchscreen compatible and provides excellent wet and dry grip

* Silicone-free prevents contamination

Typical Applications:

* Light Chemical Mixing

* Chemical Handling

* Handling and Packaging Class 1 Medical Devices

* Assembly

* Liquid Handling

* Laboratory

* Clinical

* Pharma Production

* Food Handling and Packaging

* First Responder EMS



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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 in


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