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Continuous Wire, Strip and Tube Annealing Furnaces

The 200 Series continuous annealing furnaces are designed for years of trouble-free service in the processing of wire, rod, strand, strip and tube products. These furnaces are ideally suited for copper, copper alloy, nickel, nickel chrome, titanium, stainless steel and refractory metals. The 200 Series features heavy-duty construction, an energy saving combination of fiber and brick insulation, precise temperature control and requires minimal maintenance.

Three temperature ranges are offered to cover a wide variety of applications. These include the LTSA series to 1000°C (1850°F) utilizing ceramic plate heaters with A1 wire; the SA series to 1200°C (2200°F) utilizing silicon carbide heating elements; and the HTSA series to 1750°C (3200°F) utilizing a molybdenum wound muffle. All designs feature top and bottom heating of the process tubes

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  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Total System in Common Frame
  • Top and Bottom Heating of Process Tubes
  • Tube Support System to Minimize Sag and Drift
  • High Efficiency Fiber and Brick Insulation Package
  • Heating Elements:
  • LTSA = A1 Ceramic Plate Heaters
  • SA = Silicon Carbide Rods
  • HTSA = Molybdenum Wound Muffle
  • Microprocessor Set-Point Temperature Control
  • Single or Multiple Zone Control
  • Atmosphere Panel and Manifold
  • Independent Overtemperature Thermocouple and Instrument For Each Zone
  • SCR Power Controllers
  • Step-Down Transformers
  • Stainless Steel Water Cooling Tanks (where required)
  • Factory Testing and Tuning

Additional information

Model/Heated Length(in)/Cooling Length(in)/NO. of Tubes/Max Temp

LTSA-60-30-6/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-60-30-12/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-90-45-6/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-90-45-12/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-120-60-6/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-120-60-12/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-120-120-20/1000°C (1850°F), LTSA-180-90-12/1000°C (1850°F), SA-90-45-12/1200°C (2200°F), SA-120-60-12/1200°C (2200°F), SA-120-120-20/1200°C (2200°F), SA-180-90-16/1200°C (2200°F), SA-180-120-20/1200°C (2200°F), SA-240-120-16 /1200°C (2200°F), SA-240-180-20/1200°C (2200°F), SA-300-150-20/1200°C (2200°F), SA-300-300-20/1200°C (2200°F), HTSA-36-36-4/1750°C (3200°F)


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