With thousands of installations, DuraChill recirculating chillers are industry leaders when it comes to industrial and laboratory cooling. This popular chiller from the house of PolyScience is highly popular with industries, laboratories, and other institutions that keep buying it for their diverse cooling requirements.

These chillers are available in air, and water-cooled modes with a variety of options. Among other features, there are user-adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms. Due to these features, the demand for these chillers is high. At Pacific Combustion, we have listed these models and their specifications on our website in such a way that you can compare and buy a chiller yourself.

Once you have selected a DuraChill recirculating chiller, the next step is to request a quote for your chosen chiller. We will soon provide you with a quote. The rest of the buying formalities can be completed in a few steps.

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