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Easy loading front opening kiln with drying shelf under the firing chamber (for drying ceramics only – not for general storage), multi-bank insulation – 4″ thick walls for superb slow cool down and high energy efficiency (3″ brick plus 1″ high efficiency block insulation on walls and door). Excellent for all ceramics including porcelain and hand made sculptures. Kaowool rope door seal to prevent door air leaks. Symmetrical elements to assure uniformity front to back. Elements are balanced for great temperature uniformity top to bottom. Five automatic speeds, and preprogrammed cone fire mode and glass profiles.



These kilns are constructed of heavy angle frame steel sheet metal, multi-bank insulation of up to 6.5″. Front opening, vaulted ceiling for strength. It is the ideal kiln for large loads of porcelain, sculptures, pottery or ceramics. Great slow cooling for hand made work.
These units are available with manual controls, automatic and electronic. It can also be ordered with an exhaust vent system and different voltages.

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EC242431FH-208, EC242431FH-240-3 Phase, EC242431FH-208-3 Phase


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Cress Manufacturing