Funnels, Separatory, Squibb, European, PTFE Stopcocks

European squibb style separatory funnel with a PTFE stopcock. Supplied complete with a glass stopper of the listed size, Replacement stoppers available.

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  • CG-1745-01       Funnel, Sep, European, 125mL, 2mm PTFE Stpk, 24/40
  • CG-1745-02      Funnel, Sep, European, 250mL, 4mm PTFE Stpk, 24/40
  • CG-1745-05      Funnel, Sep, European, 500mL, 4mm PTFE Stpk, 24/40
  • CG-1745-06      Funnel, Sep, European, 1000mL, 4mm PTFE Stpk, 24/40
  • CG-1745-07      Funnel, Sep, European, 2000mL, 6mm PTFE Stpk, 45/50

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Volume (ml)

125 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml