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Huber BFT5 2041-0002-01

Refrigerated Heating Bath with air-cooled cooling machine. Housing and bath parts are made of stainless steel. Pump made of high-resistant plastic. Equipped with a comfortable programmer of the usual change between 0°C and 60°C in the usual 24 hour cycle. CFC free units comply with the safety class FL. With adjustable overtemperature protection according to DIN 12876

2041.0002.01 <—Click Here for Spec Info

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Huber BFT5 2041-0002-01

  • Pilot ONE controller with Plug & Play technology
  • Precise temperature control
  • 5.7“ touchscreen and comfortable menu navigation
  • Overtemperature and low level protection
  • Safety class III/FL (DIN 12876)
  • Powerful pressure/suction pump
  • Programmer with calendar and clock functions
  • RS232 interface and Pt100 connection

Additional information

Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 28 × 36 in



Huber is a technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry that ensures precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes throughout the whole world – from -125 °C to +425 °C.