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Julabo MAGIO MX-BC12 9033512-33

Julabo MAGIO MX-BC12 heating circulator with 12L bath tank and lid with 3 kW heating power to +300 °C. Large, color touchscreen UI with built-in help functions. For internal and external temperature applications. Includes Intelligent Cascade Control, self optimizing for optimum results with settings for band limit, limit setting, co-speed factor and control dynamics

JULABO-MAGIO-MX-BC12-9033512-EN-US-US <—Click Here for Spec Info



Julabo MAGIO MX-BC12 9033512-33

  • TFT Color Touchscreen
  • Multilingual
  • Input for setpoints, warning/safety values and menu functions
  • ICC (Intelligent Cascade Control), self-optimizing temperature control
  • ATC3 3-Point-Calibration
  • Pt100 External sensor connection for measurement and control
  • Continuously variable pressure/suction pump
  • Early warning system for low liquid level (DBGM 203 06 059.8)
  • Adjustable high temperature cut-out, visible via display
  • RS232/RS485, USB and Ethernet interface for online communication
  • Integrated programmer
  • Built-in cooling coil and drain tap

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in

MAGIO MX-BC12 200-230V/50-60Hz Heating Circulator, MAGIO MX-BC12 200-230V/50-60Hz Heating Circulator (Canadian and US NRTL Certified)



Julabo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of temperature control instruments for research, industry and science.