LBB Forced Convection Benchtop Oven – Despatch

The Despatch LBB Forced convection benchtop oven features a combination of horizontal and vertical airflow that offers excellent temperature uniformity at a moderate price. It is recommended for a variety of laboratory and production applications including drying, curing, annealing and materials testing.



  • Forced convection from top mounted fan and plenums on sides of chamber
  • Temperatures up to 204℃ (400℉)
  • 304 Stainless steel interior
  • Digital set point controller – For other options please call
  • Nickel plated shelves – by model rated to 50 or 200lbs (23 or 91kg)
  • High-limit control
  • Five year heater warranty
  • UL and C-UL listed

Additional information

Capacity(cu ft)/Power

2.3 Cubic Feet (120V), 2.3 Cubic Feet (240V), 6.9 Cubic Feet (120V), 6.9 Cubic Feet (240V), 12.1 Cubic Feet (240V), 18 Cubic Feet (240V), 27.7 Cubic Feet (240V)