Mellen Furnaces BD Box Furnace BD17-12x12x12-426 1800℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to
1800℃ in air. It utilizes a reinforced, double-walled
steel shell construction that provides a cooler
exterior and maintains its shape after repeated
thermal cycling. The shell is comprised of 1/8
inch thick sheet metal as well as 1/4 inch thick
end plates. A double-pivoting door safely keeps
the hot door face away from the operator when
accessing the chamber.

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The furnace utilizes Moly Disilicide heating
elements capable of 1800℃ in air. They are
operated with low surface-watt loading for
longer life at elevated temperatures. The
heating elements are field-replaceable and are
strategically located to radiate uniformly to the
internal chamber on all four sides. There are no
power restrictions, even during heat up. When the
furnace is idling at temperature, it is running well
below the manufacturer’s recommendations for
watt density.


Sold Separately – Current-limited phase-angle
fired power supply recommended.
BD Box Furnace
Moly Disilicide
Sold Separately