Mellen Furnaces MS Box Furnace MS1550℃

Mellen Furnaces MS Box Furnace MS1550℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to 1550℃ in air. It is designed for horizontal orientation. It has a double-wall shell separated by a fan-cooled air space to facilitate lead cooling and provide a cooler exterior. The furnace is furnished with a door interlock switch to interrupt power to the furnace and a double-pivoting insulated door to keep the hot face safely away from the operator and prevent extraneous heat loss. Two gas ports are located in the rear wall of the furnace for gasin and gas-out capability, along with a single vent port located in the top back wall.

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Mellen Furnaces MS Box Furnace MS1550℃

The furnace utilizes Silicon Carbide heating
elements capable of 1550℃ in air. The heating
elements are positioned on two sides of the
internal chamber.

The furnace system comes complete with an
Omega CN7800 integrated dual-display controller
with 8 Ramp/Soak/Program Segments. There
is a built-in integrated over temperature alarm in
the system and an RS485 Communications Port.

MS Box Furnace
Silicon Carbide
Integrated Control System

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