Mellen Furnaces NACCI 6″ Tube Furnace NV12.5-IC-208V-3Z-1250℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to
1250ºC in air. The furnace comes standard with
1 inch and 2 inch adapters to allow one furnace
to support 1 inch, 2 inch, and 6 inch diameter
process tubes. The furnace has flexible heated
lengths ranging from 6 inch to 36 inch. Utilizing
a high-efficiency ceramic fiber insulation pack,
the furnace has fast heat-up rates.

All furnaces contain integrated over temperature
alarm protection. Three-zone configurations have
multiple integrated over temperature alarms.

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The furnace utilizes Exposed APM heating
elements capable of 1250ºC in air.


The furnace system comes complete with an
integrated dual-display controller with 8 Ramp/
Soak/Programs and 8 Segments. It includes
auto-tune and has a universal input with an auxiliary
alarm output. An RS-485 Communications Port, and over temperature alarm is integrated.

Additional information

Heated Length

6×18, 6×24, 6×30, 6×36





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