Mellen Furnaces TV Tube Furnace TV13.25-1.25×12-81 1325℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to
1600℃ in an inert atmosphere or vacuum and
1325℃ in air. Until now, clamshell furnaces were
limited to a 16 inch inner diameter and were never
truly round. Tube furnaces were often placed in
such a way that the tube would sag. To change all
that, Mellen has created a truly round bore with the
TV Tube Furnace. The round bore can be made as
small as 2 inch inner diameter and larger than 36
inch inner diameter.
The beauty of the Vulcan line is that it breaks the
boundary of what a standard furnace is. With the
Vulcan line, any size furnace is a standard furnace.
The heating elements in no way limit the size or
shape of the furnace. If there are dimensions that
you require, Mellen can make them.

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The furnace utilizes Vulcan heating elements
capable of 1600℃ in an inert atmosphere or
vacuum and 1325℃ in air. The heating elements
are supported over the entire length of the furnace
to eliminate sag and remove length and inner
diameter restrictions.


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TV Tube Furnace
Sold Separately
120V & 208V/240V