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Neytech Vulcan Benchtop Furnace Model 3-1750A #9493990

Neytech Vulcan Model 3-1750A Multi Stage Programmable Furnace

DISCONTINUED (call for alternative)

The Vulcan Model 3-1750A is a digital, multi-stage programmable furnace featuring an Air Exchange design. Pre-heated air is drawn through the heating chamber using an exclusive air venturi exhaust design. The result is that combustion gases are more rapidly exhausted, increasing combustion uniformity and furnace life. The furnace is designed to meet ASTM D36174 specifications. Its digital multi-stage programmable controller allows you to adjust the rate of temperature climb with this easy-to-program option. The Vulcan 3-1750A like all Vulcan benchtop furnaces have a maximum temperature of 1100 Celsius or 2012 Fahrenheit. The Vulcan 3-1750A features High Performance Hybrid Muffle Technology exclusive to Vulcan benchtop furnaces for faster heating and cooling than full firebrick furnaces. It is constructed with a heavy gauge steel cabinet finished with a durable baked enamel coating. 2 year limited warranty

DISCONTINUED (request a quote for alternative)

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  • Heating elements have easy slide-out replacement function
  • Vertical lift door helps save space and direct heat away from user
  • Suitable for wax burnout, ashing, heat treating, ceramic and glass seal firing
  • Hearth plate and 5-ft power cord with plug.
  • The furnace meets ASTM D36174 specifications.

Additional information

Weight 148 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 32 × 29.3 in