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Paragon Furnaces Bead BlueBirdXL 815℃

The Paragon BlueBird XL has a new and improved ceramic fiber roof and firingchamber,thicker doors with new gaskets,heavier mandrel holders,and a stainless steel control panel .The BlueBird XL is a dream kiln for the glass bead enthusiast . This 20 wide,8 deep kiln safely anneals glass to prevent breakage during cooling . With your own Paragon annealing kiln,you will never again worry about stress fractures in your glass .The kiln opens doorways of opportunity in beadmaking . The 10 wide double doors give a total of 20 width for inserting bead rods . This kiln is ideal for seminar teachers . It is like having two kilns in one .The user-friendly 3-key Sentry Xpress digital controller maintains the annealing temperature . Program it for the length of time desired . Adjust the cooling rate through the annealing range . The controller is packed with features but is user friendly .

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Improved ceramic fiber firingchamber

The BlueBird XL features new sinusoidal wavy elements,which are embedded close to the inner surface of the high-tech,vacuum-formed ceramic fiber top . This is an improvement over our earlier embedded coiled elements,because the wavy elements are mounted closer to the surface . This enables the elements to radiate heat faster for longer element life . The ceramic fiber top reduces dust inside the kiln .
The BlueBird XL now features ceramic fiber walls and bottom,which replace the firebrick walls and bottom of earlier kilns . The BlueBird XL,with its space-age ceramic fiber,heats faster than ever .

Improved double doors with gaskets

Both doors are 3½x 10 and mounted in a 4¼ high opening . The 3/4 gap under the doors is filled by flexible,high temperature door gaskets,which help to hold in heat . The 2 thick ceramic fiber doors are twice the thickness of our original doors . The hinges are continuous across the top for extra longevity .

Bead mandrel holders

The kiln comes with one single and one double mandrel holder . The single holder supports rods or mandrels from one point; the double cradles the rods at two points . The holders are held to the kiln by magnets so you can adjust the height . They are sturdy and heavy duty for long life .

Rare-earth magnets hold doors open or closed

Rare-earth magnets hold the doors closed while the kiln is heating to annealing temperature . Phenolic knobs on the door handles stay cool to the touch . Use the switch on the front panel to turn off power to the controller when the kiln is not in use and to reboot the controller when needed .
We have added a glass rod warmer to the top of the kiln . Pre-heating the glass rods saves production time .

Heavy-duty construction

The steel base supports the kiln in two layers . The upper steel base supports and strengthens the firingchamber; the lower steel base covers the entire kiln bottom where it rests on your worktable . Electrical components are mounted to the lower base,away from the heat .
The Sentry Xpress digital controller is mounted under the kiln in an ergonomically sloped panel for easy operation . The design saves table space over kilns with a side switch box . The built-in base stays cool even during extended hold times for the long life of the electrical system . It is slotted to dissipate heat and comes with mar-proof plastic feet .
The BlueBird XL plugs into a standard household outlet . The kiln ships by convenient UPS/FedEx . It ships in a special carton with vacuum-formed padding to assure that the kiln will arrive safely .
And,of course,the BlueBird XL is made in Mesquite,Texas to exacting standards .

Features of the BlueBird XL

3-key digital Sentry Xpress controller
2 – 3½high doors with flexible high temperature gasket
Rare-earth magnets hold the doors open or closed
The firingchamber is 8 deep measured with doors closed; 10 deep measured with doors open
ceramic fiber firingchamber for rapid heating
2 thick ceramic fiber doors with flexible gaskets
Mandrel holders attach to the kiln with magnets
1500℉ maximum temperature
Ceramic fiber roof with embedded elements
Mar-proof plastic feet
On-off safety switch
Designed for production

Paragon's warranty is not affected by frequency of use . Fire your new kiln every day if you want,even in commercial settings . That will have no effect on the warranty period .

Optional colors at no extra charge

Brighten your studio with color! Order your kiln in one of our standard colors at no extra charge . . . berry,black,blue,hot pink,jade,navy,purple,or turquoise . Scroll down to see color samples in the options section .