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Paragon Furnaces Ceramic IGUANA 1287℃

Paragon Iguana
The Iguana is powered with reliable extra heavy-duty elements . This results in long element life,because the elements do not struggle to reach high temperatures . 10,800 watts heat the 18 wide,18 deep,22½high interior to a full cone 10 .
Easy to loadbr>The Iguana is easy on the back muscles . With the 22 stand,the interior floor height is a comfortable 34½ .
Potters and ceramists who struggle with top-loadng kilns will enjoy the Iguana . The door swings open 160 degrees on a heavy½steel rod with sealed bearings . A spring-loadd latch presses the door tightly closed . A recessed firebrick lip around the door seals in heat .
Quality construction
Industrial-gauge elements are seated and protected in dropped,recessed firebrick grooves . The elements are easy to replace,because you can comfortably reach into the kiln .
For your peace of mind,the Iguana includes a safety switch that shuts off power to the controller when not in use . The ventilated switch box is generously louvered for air circulation for the long life of the electrical components . Yet dust is kept to a minimum .

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Iguana Features
Saves electricity with 3 firebricks
Cone 10,2350℉
Two tapered peepholes in the side give a wide view of the interior with little heat loss .
Proportional power elements for more even heating
Heavy-gauge steel completely covers the bottom under the firebricks for extra strength .
1½air gap between the switch box and kiln; electrical components stay cool and last longer
Built-in fuse protects the controller
Four hand-lifts

Additional information

Weight 530 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 46 × 69 in