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Paragon Furnaces Ceramic TNF823-1 1287℃

Paragon TnF-82-3
The digital automatic TnF-82-3 Paragon kiln is large enough for most ceramic projects . Figured at cost per cubic foot,it is among our lowest priced hobby kilns . It usesthe same circuit size as most of our studio kilns . Upgrade to a larger kiln later without having to install a new circuit .
This kiln now features the easy-access drop down switch box . Remove two screws,and the box,hinged at the bottom,opens forward for easy maintenance . The kiln features a top row of 2 high blank wall bricks . Since the brick is without element grooves,it is less susceptible to damage during loadng than a grooved brick .
The TnF-82-3 is made of 3 thick firebrick in the lid,walls and bottom . It is designed for porcelain,stoneware,low-fire ceramics,china paint,decals and gold .

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Features of the TnF-82-3 Digital Automatic Kiln
Sentry 12 Key Digital Controller,made by Orton Ceramic Foundation
Long-life electrical system with high temperature wire
Lock-in lid support with a positive catch
2 wide-view tapered peepholes
Ventilated,louvered switch box
2 hand lifts
Heavy duty kiln stand with mar-proof plastic feet
Full-formed,galvanized steel base covers the entire brick bottom
Fall-away two stage Prop-R-Vent for venting the ware
Coated lid,peepholes and rim of firebricks for extended firebrick life
Operating instructions on switch box
Heavy gauge stainless steel case
Full firingcapacity: fire ware directly on the brick bottom
Reversible brick bottom
Dropped,recessed brick grooves help prevent element bulging; eliminate the need for element pins; make changing the element easier and faster than some competing models that require element pins .

Additional information

Weight 262 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 34 × 38 in