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Ethylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids

Ethylene Glycol is commonly used as a heat transfer fluid where the temperature is below 32-degree F (0 degree C). Featuring anti-freezing properties, it is widely used in laboratories and other industrial processes. Due to these reasons, the demand for Ethylene Glycol as a heat transfer fluid is extremely high.

Due to the availability of various brands in different sizes, selecting the right kind of fluid could be difficult for you. At Pacific Combustion we make it easy by providing a complete range of ethylene glycol heat transfer fluids along with their complete description. You can seek guidance by calling our customer service.

The first stage in buying an ethylene glycol heat transfer fluid is selecting a product that ideally suits your needs. After that, you should request a quote. Once the quote is received, the rest of the buying formalities can be easily completed.

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