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Julabo Heated Circulating Baths

Heated circulating baths are used for multiple purposes like warming reagents, tempering samples, and biological incubation. These baths have widespread applications across industries and laboratories. There are several brands of circulating baths available in the market, but the number of quality appliances is very few. Julabo is one such popular brand for heated circulating baths.

Based on temperature ranges, these baths are available in a different model, and every bath is suited for an application. With so much on offer, you might be looking for guidance to select a circulating bath that best suits your requirements.

At Pacific Combustion, we have listed all these models and their complete specifications on our website in such a fashion that you can choose a model yourself. After selecting a model, you should request a quote for the same. The rest of the buying formalities can be completed in a few steps.