Box Furnaces

Pacific Combustion, with over 50 years of experience, is the leading distributor of box furnaces for manufacturing, testing and research applications. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff has the application expertise to help you select the best box furnace for your application. They will work with you to ensure that the box furnace you purchase will meet your application requirements and will operate efficiently, effectively and economically. We offer custom and standard box furnace configurations. Whether you are purchasing the furnace for a metal tempering production process, or a research application, we can source a furnace that will meet your exact requirements.

Pacific Combustion works with the top specialty furnace manufacturers in the US and worldwide. By sourcing our furnaces mainly in the US, we are able to offer the highest quality furnaces at competitive prices and with the shortest possible delivery times. The brands we carry include CM Furnaces, Mellen, Carbolite, Thermcraft and Lindberg Blue M.

Our experienced staff will review your requirements with you to assist you in selecting the best box furnace for your specific application. We’ll work with you to ensure the furnace is configured to your requirements, for efficient, effective operation.