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Ashing Furnaces

Ashing furnaces are used in laboratories to heat combustible samples to analyze the ash residue. Needless to say, this appliance is very much in demand from the laboratory as well as industries. To meet these requirements, some of the most reputed companies of lab appliances are making ashing furnaces. Carbolite, Thermo Scientific, Thermcraft, and TPS are some of the most prominent names.
These companies have launched ashing furnaces in different models as per temperature and chamber volume, giving customers countless options to choose from. While buying a furnace, customers take several things into account. So it is better for them to buy it from a distributor where a complete range is available. Pacific Combustion is one such distributor where all the brands and their models are available.

At Pacific Combustion, buying an ashing furnace is very easy. These furnaces are listed with complete specifications on our website. Select a furnace from our website and request a quote. Once you get the quote, buying formalities can be completed in a few simple steps.