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Mellen Box Furnaces

Mellen is a popular name in the box furnace industry. This leading manufacturer of laboratory supplies offers a wide range of options to laboratories, institutions, and industries looking for box furnaces. The company offers its box furnaces in around half a dozen models, and every model has a specification of its own. The models include BF box furnace, MV box furnace, MS box furnace, BS box furnace, MD box furnace, and MD box furnace.

These models have different sizes and temperature ranges to comply with varied applications. If you are planning to buy a Mellen box furnace, it would be good to buy it from a distributor with a full range. Being in existence for close to two decades, Pacific Combustion is one such distributor.

At Pacific Combustion, we make wholehearted efforts to enhance the buying experience. For this, we are serving them with a state-of-the-art website where they can compare models to select an ideal one. Go through the specifications to select and order a box furnace. However, you can also get guidance from our customer support.