Crucible Furnaces

Pacific Combustion carries a variety of furnaces, including crucible furnaces. A crucible furnace is basically a tube furnace with a bottom on it so that it becomes a container for a crucible.

Crucible Furnaces are used for the smelting of precious metals. 1200C Crucible Furnaces are ideal for use in super conductor materials research, electronics, glass, metallurgy and ceramics research.

The crucible furnaces that Pacific Combustion features are manufactured by Lindberg Blue M, Carbolite, Vcella and The Mellen Company.

Another furnace featured at Pacific Combustion is an Asphalt Binder Analyzer. Asphalt Binder Analyzers are specifically designed to determine the Asphalt Binder Content of hot mix asphalt, using the Loss-on-Ignition method. Asphalt Binder Analyzers are used by Department of Transportation Labs across the country to analyze asphalt.

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