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Crystal Growth Furnaces

Inspired by the crystal growth industry and the flagship of Mellen’s furnace line, the Electro Dynamic Gradient (EDG) Sunfire Furnace System continues the research and development that has led to the advanced state of the art crystal growth equipment.
What are the advantages of an EDG Sunfire System?

Flat Zone: The EDG crystal growth furnace makes it possible to create a flat zone area inside the furnace. The flat zone (isothermal zone) is where all the required zones measure the same temperature. This creates an ideal environment for many applications. The temperature ranges controlled from 100°C to 1600°C and anywhere in between.

Controlled Gradient: The EDG allows the user to establish length of controlled temperature, or a gradient, between zones where the temperature varies a predetermined amount. Throughout the furnace, it is possible to have a temperature spike or a gradual increase/decrease of temperature.

Advanced Temperature Control: The EDG furnace system allows the operator uniform temperature control. A standard EDG has 24 zones, so with these numerous zones and power supply an operator can set and maintain a temperature. This constant setting allows for reliability and repeatability within a lab or production facility.

Computer Based Control Systems: The ADAPT™ temperature control system and data logger offers unprecedented control stability and real time data acquisition capabilities. It has the ability to control a furnace with a very high number of zones, or a large number of furnaces with just a few zones, thus giving the end user the ultimate in flexibility. User-friendly features include graphing, PIV tuning, programming control, and security features.

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