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Thermcraft Crystal Growing Furnaces

Laboratories and industries looking for a crystal growing system find an ideal match in Thermcraft. This prominent lab appliance manufacturer has been offering furnaces based on Bridgman-Stockbarger and Czochralski Methods. Being a reputed manufacturer of lab appliances, Thermcraft offers crystal growing furnaces into different configurations.

You can select from the Vertical Bridgeman Growing System, Shunt Tap Windings for R&D System, Gradient Freeze Furnace, and Vertical Bridgeman Crystal Growing System. These furnaces are made of lightweight, low mass ceramic fiber insulation for maximum thermal efficiency.

At Pacific Combustion, we have all the variants of Thermcraft crystal growing furnaces so that the customers can make an informed decision. Once the model is selected, you can request a quote for the same. Based on the quote, make payment to complete the transaction.

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