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Carbolite Tube Furnaces

At Pacific Combustion, we carry an extensive line of tube furnaces for laboratory applications from top manufacturers in the country. With a focus on quality and affordability, we offer Carbolite tube furnaces at competitive pricing for your application. Carbolite tube furnaces offer precise temperature control, uniformity and are one of the best solutions for heating small work pieces. We offer single and three zone models in addition to the products listed below.

Carbolite manufactures high quality laboratory tube furnaces, offering a full range of sizes and temperatures. Tube furnaces are available from 1” to 6.5” in diameter and 5” to 48” in length. The temperature range available is 1100°C to 1800°C. Both vertical and horizontal models are offered. Carbolite is the only non-US manufacturer we represent and was selected due to the high quality of the furnaces it manufactures.

Carbolite tube furnaces have been used in applications such as laboratory research, materials research, gas analysis, superconductor research, continuous strip and wire heating and much more.