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Lindberg Tube Furnaces

Pacific Combustion carries the full line of Thermo Scientifc Lindberg tube furnaces, offering a wide range of temperature and size options. Temperature ranges from 1100°C to 1700°C are available. The Mini-Mite and small tabletop models are ideal for laboratory and testing applications. Larger models are available for high-temperature manufacturing operations and large scale research and testing applications.
Choosing the Right Furnace

Pacific Combustion offers competitive pricing and a high level of service. Should you have any questions on furnaces, specifications, pricing or finding the right furnace for your application, get in touch with us!

Lindberg/Blue M furnaces are useful for materials testing and investigation, analysis, quality control and production of ceramics, electronics, polymers and chemicals. Applications include ashing, sintering, crystallizing, annealing, fusion tempering and hardening, atmosphere processing and more.