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Shel Lab CO2/Tri-Gas Incubators

One of the major lab appliance manufacturers, Shel Lab is well known for its CO2 Tri-Gas Incubators. The incubator is equipped with several standard features that include water jacket design, humidity level maintenance, HEPA filter, data logging capability and autoclavable shelving system.

Due to such advanced features, Shel Lab CO2Tri-Gas Incubators are high in demand. To meet the requirements, Shel Lab offers these Incubators in several models. We have provided all these models and their specifications on your website so that you can choose a Lab CO2 Tri-Gas Incubators on your own. The experts at our customer service can also guide you regarding the same.

Once the model is decided, you should request a quote for the same. After getting the quote other buying formalities can be completed soon.