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Shel Lab Refrigerated/BOD Incubators

Laboratory owners practice a lot of caution while buying a refrigerated or BOD incubator. Size, capacity and power input are some of the major factors that have to be taken into account. There is no dearth of BOD incubators, but the number of good brands is very few. Shel Lab is one such brand that enjoys admiration across the industry.

At Pacific Combustion, we are a leading distributor of Shel Lab incubators. Due to a wide array of models offered by the brand, selecting a BOD incubator could be a time-consuming exercise. We make it easy by showcasing all the models and their specifications on our website.

You should go through the specifications carefully and select a model that ideally suits you. In case of any confusion. Guidance can be sought from our customer service. You can place an order following a few simple steps.