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Shel Lab Gravity Ovens

Gravity ovens are used in industries and labs where processes like drying, sterilization and heat treating have to be performed. It is obvious that these ovens will be high in demand. While buying an oven, laboratories and industries look for a branded oven that comes fitted with advanced features. Most of these customers prefer buying Shel Lab Gravity Ovens.

Shel Lab has launched these convection ovens in three models, and every model has its own salient features. These models are SGO1, SGO3 and SGO5. Being a major distributor of Shell Lab, we have a complete range of gravity ovens. We have listed these models on our website along with detailed specifications, to help you make a good decision.

Once you have finished selecting an oven, then you should request a quote so that we can send you a quote and details of buying process. If there is any confusion, you should call our customer service where experts will guide you.