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Revco Laboratory Refrigerators

One of the major manufacturers of laboratory appliances, Thermo Scientific offers a series of laboratory refrigerators under the brand name Revco. These refrigerators are ideal for storing samples for clinical, industrial and scientific use. Every model has a different capacity and voltage intake.

With the availability of several models, you might find it time-consuming to decide on a Revco model that best suits your requirements. To make it convenient, we at Pacific Combination have listed all the models of Revco along with their specifications on our website in a way that you can find an appropriate refrigerator on your own. For any guidance, you can call our customer service where experts will guidance.

Being a reputed distributor, we have also made buying a laboratory an easy experience. For this, you have to select a refrigerator and request a quote. Once the quote is received, you can complete the transaction in a few simple steps.

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