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Revco Solid Door Refrigerators

Solid door refrigerators have a wide array of applications in laboratories and pharmacies. This refrigerator is manufactured by some of the leading lab appliance manufacturers. Thermo Scientific is one such manufacturer that offers solid door refrigerators under the brand name Revco.

Regarded as one of the high performing refrigerators, Revco solid door refrigerators are ideally suited for clinics, industries, and scientific applications. A microprocessor control system, positive airflow systems, and industrial-quality cabinet construction are some of the important features. At Pacific Combustion, we have listed all the models of Revco solid door refrigerators on our website so that you can select and place an order yourself.

If you are not sure about which model to buy, you can call our customer service where experts will guide you. Once the model is selected, request a quote. After getting the quote you can complete the transaction in a few simple steps.

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