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So-Low Solid Door Refrigerators

Solid door refrigerators are indispensable for laboratories and industries. It goes without saying that the demand for these refrigerators is high. To meet this demand, several lab appliance manufacturers have launched refrigerators under their brand. But there are very few brands that can be relied upon. So-Low is one such manufacturer renowned for its solid door refrigerators.

So-Low offers its solid door refrigerators in different models, with every model has a different capacity and temperature range. With the availability of different models, you may have to spend time to decide on a model. To facilitate you, we at Pacific Combustion have listed all these models and their specifications on our website. You can seek expert guidance by calling our customer service.

Once you have selected the model, you should request a quote for the model. Based on the quote received from us, you can easily place the order.