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Norlake Undercounter Refrigerators

One of the renowned manufacturers of laboratory appliances, Norlake is known for its quality appliances including undercounter refrigerators. The leading appliance manufacturer offers these refrigerators in different models. NLUR27A, NLUR36A, NLUR48A, NLUR60A, and NLUR72A are some of the prominent models.

With the availability of around half a dozen models, you might be looking for a model that best suited to your work. At Pacific Combustion, we help you find the right kind of refrigerator for your needs. We have listed all these refrigerators along with their descriptions so that you can choose a model yourself. However, you can also contact our customer care to seek expert guidance.

Once the product is chosen, you should request a quote for the same. We will soon provide a quote and buying instructions. Once the quote is received, the rest of the buying process can be completed in a few simple steps.

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