1100℃ Crucible Furnace-56820

Designed for energy efficiency and compact design, the 1100℃ Crucible
Furnace covers a variety of vertical heat processing and melting applications.
Insulation plugs minimize heat loss, improving uniformity. This furnace is
compatible with alumina, mullite, quartz, and metallic crucibles and exhibits
fast heat-up and recovery rates.
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• Vertical, single-ended silicon carbide heating elements
• High-temperature grade insulation
• Tight-fitting insulating vestibule plug
• Platinum/ Platinum 13{89ed6a4e861fa1450bcdffea9c875977b8fbe2ec09d431aa27b85266faa15f02} rhodium thermocouple lead wire and plug
• Self-tuning temperature controller
• Programmable heat-up to setpoint temperature
• Programmable heat-up and setpoint temperature
• Indicates setpoint and process temperatures simultaneously
• Temperature – 1500℃ (2732℉) maximum
• Crucible Sizes
From – 5″(Top Vestibule ID) x 8″(Heated Depth)
To – 12″(Top Vestibule ID) x 18″(Heated Depth)

• Pots
• Inert atmosphere retorts
• Combustible gas safety system
Control Console Options
• Programmable control (Option P)
– Offers flexibility of ramping to multiple setpoint levels and holding for variable time periods at those levels
• Excess temperature protection (Option B)
– Provides positive protection of both furnace and load in the event of failure in the primary control circuit.
– Redundant circuit includes separate analog setting instrument with manual reset pushbutton, magnetic
contractor and independent thermocouple.
• Digital communication kits (Option COM)
– Allow modification and interrogation of all instrument control and configuration parameters from a remote
– Ethernet communications available
• Computer communications software