Carbolite LCF-Large Chamber Furnaces LCF 14-125 1400℃

The robust construction of LCF industrial chamber furnaces makes them ideal for applications such as the heat treatment of steels and alloy,ceramics sintering and aerospace heat treatment.

The LCF industrial furnace range is often customised in order to precisely meet the user’s requirements.This range also provides a foundation upon which a wide range of custom modifications can be added.Typical examples of which are the more sophisticated control systems and data recording that is required for applications such as AMS 2750E heat treatment under Nadcap.Solutions are available to handle heavier loads or assist in loading and unloading the furnace,or larger chamber sizes than are offered in the standard range.

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Standard features

1200℃ & 1400℃ maximum temperatures
Programmable 3216P1 controller
Over-temperature protection
Excellent uniformity and control
Robust construction using hollow steel section & zinc coated steel sheet
Double skin construction ensures safe outer case temperature
Manually operated vertically opening door keeps the hot face away from the operator
Low thermal mass insulation for high energy efficiency
Hard wearing silicon carbide tiled hearth
1200℃ range heated by heavy gauge wire elements in roof and below the hearth
1400℃ range heated by high quality silicon carbide elements in roof and below the hearth
Safety door interlock isolates power from the elements whenever the door is opened

Options (specify these at time of order)

A range of sophisticated digital controllers,multi-segment programmers and data loggers is available. These can be fitted with RS232,RS485 or Ethernet communications
Pneumatically or electrically operated doors
A range of retorts can be supplied for using modified with atmospheres up to 1000℃
Remote control module
Designs for compliance with AMS 2750E (Nadcap) and other industry standards
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