CP351WLLF2PLUS2ADA | Accucold Refrigerator

  • 32 1/2 height for use in ADA compliant settings
  • Combination lock secures both refrigerator and freezer sections
  • Unique two-door design on slim compact unit
  • Thermometers provide external readout of current and high/low temperature
  • Made in North America

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Accucold’s PLUS2 Series refrigerators come specially featured for use doctors offices, medical clinics, nursing stations, and other general purpose facilities that require more temperature assurance than a standard refrigeration unit provides.

The CP351WLLF2PLUS2ADA is a two-door compact refrigerator-freezer designed for freestanding use, with a 32 1/2 height for use in facilities complying with ADA guidelines. It comes in a white textured finish with a slim 19 width ideal for space-limited settings. A single combination lock (with key override) secures both the refrigerator and freezer sections.

The CP351WLLF2PLUS2ADA utilizes an innovative dual evaporator cooling system to separately cool the refrigerator while maintaining a low temperature in the freezer. Cycle defrost provides automatic defrost of the refrigerator to save users on regular maintenance and static manual defrost operation in the freezer section to prevent constant temperature fluctuation.

All Accucold PLUS2 Series units include NIST calibrated thermometers that display the current, high, and low temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit to the nearest tenth of a degree. The buffered temperature probe is stored in a glycol-filled bottle to ensure the temperature reading best reflects the temperature of other stored refrigerator contents.

With its advanced cooling system and two-door design, the CP351WLLF2PLUS2ADA is a great choice for general purpose storage with added temperature assurance.



Accucold manufactures and distributes refrigeration products aimed at the pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical, and scientific industries.