Cress Furnaces AE Dual Furnace AE1520D-PM4 1232℃


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Uses: Designed for those who desire a large hardening furnace plus a separate furnace for tempering or drawing, all within a Minimum floor space.The two chambers allow for immediate tempering or drawing after quench without waiting for the hardening furnace to cool to the lower temperature required.

Controls: These furnaces come standard with two sets of individual digital programmable control and a digital high limit safety control.Solid state power switching to the heating elements.Each chamber is equipped with dual door limit safety switches that interrupt power to the elements when the door is opened.Fan stops when lower door is opened.(Note: door blocks view of the lower set of controls)

Elements: High temperature alloy wire elements are mounted in porcelain plates on the walls and floor and in grooves in the brick door, this provides all around heating and close gradients throughout the furnace chamber.A ceramic hearth plate covers the floor element.

General Construction:
Furnace frame is constructed of heavy steel angle with 18 gauge sheet steel metal panels to form exterior case.Door of upper unit rises vertically and the door of the lower unit swings to the side.A Kaowool rope seal is installed on the upper and lower doors where it meets the chamber for an inert protective atmosphere.A chrome refrigerator latch is used to hold the lower door closed.Lower unit is equipped with an stainless steel, centrifugal type fan to circulate the air and provide very close temperature gradients.The fan is operated by a 1 HP motor.


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