FF6L-VT65MLSTACKPRO | Accucold Refrigerator

  • Both models are equipped with factory-installed probe holes for user-provided monitoring equipment
  • Customizable design can accept additional options, including temperature alarms, data loggers, and thermometers
  • Separate refrigerator and freezer cooling in one slim-fitting unit
  • Front locks provide security you can count on
  • -25℃ operation for safe storage of temperature sensitive materials in freezer
  • Auto defrost refrigerator includes door storage
  • Some assembly required

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Accucold’s stackable PRO series refrigerator-freezer combinations offer space-saving cooling solutions for general purpose use.

Sized at just 24 wide, the FF6L-VT65MLSTACKPRO combines two slim-fitting units into one compact footprint. All-refrigerator FF6LPRO is made in Europe and features a 5.5 cu.ft. auto defrost interior with adjustable wire shelves and door storage. The digital thermostat provides easy temperature management, with an internal fan to ensure even cooling from top to bottom. The matching VT65MLPRO all-freezer utilizes a static manual defrost cooling system for low temperature operation, with slide-out baskets for easy storage that stays protected from ambient temperature when the door is opened. It includes a dial thermostat located in the tabletop.

Both models include front locks for added security and user-reversible doors to accommodate various setups. Hospital grade cords with ‘green dot’ plugs offer added convenience for busy facilities, ensuring the cords are not easily dislodged from the wall socket. Factory-installed probe holes are included on both units to allow users to install their own monitoring devices.

All Accucold STACKPRO units ship in three boxes and require some minor assembly upon delivery. Additional stacked combinations can be created by ordering virtually any two units with our StackRack. These units can also be customized with a variety of refrigeration options, including NIST calibrated thermometers, USB data loggers, open door alarms, and much more. To create a custom combination, contact our sales team at 718-893-3900.

*NOTE: The refrigerator’s thermostat is pre-set for Celsius. If you prefer Fahrenheit, add complimentary option DTMEDF or let your sales representative know upon order.



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