FFAR24LPLUS2 | Accucold Refrigerator

  • Compact size is ideal for countertop use
  • Factory installed lock provides security you can count on
  • NIST calibrated thermometer displays the current and high/low temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree
  • Internal fan-forced cooling for more temperature stability
  • Simple maintenance with automatic defrost

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Accucold’s PLUS2 Series refrigerators come specially featured for use doctors offices, medical clinics, nursing stations, and other general purpose facilities that require more temperature assurance than a standard refrigeration unit provides.

The FFAR24LPLUS2 is a 1.7 cu.ft. all-refrigerator with a compact footprint for countertop use. It comes in a white finish with a locking door that includes a thermometer calibrated to NIST standards in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 laboratory. It displays the current, minimum, and maximum temperature to the nearest tenth degree viewable in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The buffered temperature probe is stored in a glycol-filled bottle to ensure the temperature reading best reflects the temperature of other stored refrigerator contents.

Inside, the FFAR24LPLUS2 utilizes an automatic defrost system for low maintenance use. Fan-forced cooling helps to stabilize the interior, with a fixed wire shelf for convenient storage. This unit has a flat door liner as recommended by the CDC. A digital thermostat is located on top of the cabinet for convenient and precise temperature management.

The FFAR24LPLUS2 can be customized with additional features, including USB data loggers and access ports. For more information, contact our sales team.

*NOTE: This unit’s thermostat is pre-set for Celsius. If you prefer Fahrenheit, add complimentary option DTMEDF or let your sales representative know upon order.



Accucold manufactures and distributes refrigeration products aimed at the pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical, and scientific industries.