IP-60 Low Temperature Cooler, 1.5" Rigid Coil Probe

PolyScience Low Temperature Coolers enhance and simplify low-temperature laboratory work, providing rapid, low-cost cooling of liquids to temperatures as low as -100°C. Typical applications include the cooling of exothermic reactions, vapor and solvent trapping, and impact testing. They’re also ideal for extending the temperature range of non-refrigerated circulators to below ambient and boosting the cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators.

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Immerson Probe-60, 1.5″ Rigid Coil

Working Temperature Range

-60℃ to -20℃

Temperature Control (℃)

Fixed at -60℃
  • Continuous cooling to temperatures as low as -100℃
  • Designed to run at maximum cooling
  • An economical alternative to dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • Excellent for trapping applications, freeze drying, and rapidly cooling small volumes of liquids


Poly Science

PolyScience manufactures refrigerated circulators, heated circulators, chillers, recirculating coolers, water baths and application specific products.