Mellen Furnaces CS Crucible Furnace CS15.5-12x12x12-317 1550℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to
1550℃ in air. The resilient primary insulation is
backed by quality, low thermal mass ceramic fiber
insulation for thermal efficiency. The furnace’s
outer skin consists of an 18-gauge stainless steel
shell that ensures maintenance-free durability.
The top and bottom 1/4 inch thick steel end plate
are reinforced to prevent thermal distortion. The
furnace is economical to operate and comes
standard with coated firebrick vestibules and an
insulated hearth lid.

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The furnace utilizes Silicon Carbide heating
elements capable of 1550℃ in air. They are
strategically located to radiate uniformly to the
internal chamber and are resistant to the fluxes
required for gold melting. With long life, low cost,
and easy replacement, these elements make for a
user-friendly and cost-effective furnace.


Sold Separately.
CS Crucible Furnace
Silicon Carbide
Sold Separately