Mellen Furnaces ES Elevator Furnace ES15.5-36x36x36-664 1550℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to 1550℃ in
air. It is a single-zone, bottom-loading furnace with builtin power supply. The furnace utilizes an energy efficient
insulation package consisting of graded, ceramic fiber hightemperature insulation. The walls and hearth are made of
rugged firebrick with a thermocouple port in the rear wall for
temperature measurements.
The bottom loading elevator assembly includes an electricdriven motor control for raising and lowering the insulated
hearth. The elevator features a speed controller that allows
the user to adjust the speed, and motion lights to indicate
when the elevator is in use. This allows the user to use
extremely slow elevator speeds. The speed is electronically
controlled to allow for smooth motion and accurate,
repeatable travel time.The mobile elevator is capable of lifting
over 500 lbs of work. Safety switches allow for automatic
stop when the furnace elevator is opening and closing. The
elevator speed can be changed before, during, and after the
run for optimal ease of use.

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The furnace utilizes Silicon Carbide heating elements
capable of 1550℃ in air.


The furnace system comes complete with Mellen model
PS400 temperature control and phase-angle fired SCR
power supply. The power supply consists of the following
major components: a customer specified digital temperature
controller; a furnace-specific number of phase-angle fired
power limiting SCRs; a circuit breaker with appropriate
voltage and amperage ratings to permit connection to
customer’s main power source; a Mellen Control Cabinet
to house all control system components; all necessary
wiring, terminal boards, interconnections, etc. to create a
completely operational system.
ES Elevator Furnace
Temp from 1100°C – 1700℃
Silicon Carbide