Mellen Furnaces MT Tube Furnace MT 1100-30 1100℃

The furnace operates at temperatures up to
1250℃ in air. The Mellen Microtherm MT Series
is a tube furnace designed in a mini-tower casing.
The casing houses the furnace, power supply, and
temperature control as a single, compact unit.
Access to the temperature control and furnace is
located on the front side of the furnace to allow
for ease of use and workspace conservation.
The heating elements of the Microtherm MT
are durable and composed of state of the art
alloys. Easy opening side access panels provide
quick maintenance capabilities to easily change
thermocouples. The furnace comes complete
with carrying handle, programmable temperature
or setpoint, and variable inner diameter options.
The standard inner diameter of the Microtherm
MT is 3 inches, however, smaller dimensions are
available with tube adapters.

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The furnace utilizes Clamshell heating elements
capable of 1250℃ in air.


The furnace system comes complete with a builtin Omega 7823 controller.
Microtherm MT Furnac
Integrated Control System