Quincy Lab Gravity Ovens - Analog Bench Ovens 51-550 287℃

“Quincy Lab general-purpose Bench series ovens have been developed primarily
for the industrial lab.”

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Temperature ranges from:

250 Series:

Ambient 25℉ minimum to a maximum of 300℉, (149℃).

350 Series:

Ambient 25℉ minimum to a maximum of 450℉, (232℃).

550 Series:

Ambient 25℉ minimum to a maximum of 550℉, (287℃).

Oven Features:

Although there are several models and styles, all of our Bench series ovens offer these standard features:

Automatic Hydraulic Thermostat.
Fan-forced air circulation.
Aluminized interiors (available in Stainless Steel).
Incoloy sheathed heating elements.
6-lb high-density mineral wool insulation.
Gasketed Steel Doors.
Adjustable 80-lb capacity shelves.
High/low heat switch.
Rapid run-up and recovery times.
6-foot power cord with plug.
Baked in scratch-resistant powder coated finish.

Cocmon Applications:

Quincy Lab Bench Ovens are perfect for preheating, thermal testing, self-batch processing, part drying, curing, baking, evaporating or dehydrating various media and soil aggregate, as well as many other applications. All units feature large work spaces and excellent portability.

All ovens are fully tested prior to shipment.

18-month factory warranty.

Prices effective thru December 31, 2019


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