VT125IB, Accucold Medical Refrigerators by Summit Appliance

  • Commercially listed to NSF-7 standards and meets UL-471
  • Precise temperature control with a digital thermostat
  • Blue ice bank for added temperature stability
  • Capable of operating at -30℃ for long-term food preservation and safe storage of pharmaceuticals
  • Factory installed lock provides security you can count on
  • Chest freezer with generous 14.1 cu.ft. storage capacity
  • Alarm warns of temperature variations while providing a digital display of interior temperature
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Accucold’s low temperature laboratory series features fully featured freezers capable of reaching -30℃. (-22℉)

The VT125IB is a chest freezer with 14.1 cu.ft. of storage capacity. Designed for optimum temperature performance, it can safely hold vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and even frozen foods under stable conditions with manual defrost operation. A digital thermostat includes easy electronic controls for precise temperature management and a battery-powered thermometer is installed to provide the most accurate temperature readout. The thermometer includes an audible alarm to warn of any high or low variations in temperature.

Corner protectors help to protect the unit’s exterior from bumps or dents and counterbalanced hinges provide an easy lift on the lid. A front lock is included for added security.

All of our IB models feature a unique ice bank. Composed of non-toxic ‘blue’ ice for maximum temperature stability, this feature protects contents from thawing for several hours in the event of a power outage.

This unit is UL-S listed to NSF-7 and UL-471 commercial standards.



Accucold manufactures and distributes refrigeration products aimed at the pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical, and scientific industries.