Refrigerated/BOD Incubators

Refrigerated/BOD Incubators are used for a variety of applications including BOD determinations, plant and Insect research, fermentation, and bacterial culture. Due to its widespread applications small and, big laboratories want to add these incubators in their list of appliances. To meet this demand, some of the leading manufacturers like Thermo Scientific and Shel Lab have launched their models of BOD incubators.

At Pacific Combustion, we help you get the right kind of refrigerated incubators. To make it easier for you, we have listed these models along with descriptions on our website. Since every model has a different size and capacity, you should carefully go through the specifications before buying a model.

If you are still not sure which model fits your requirements, you should give a call to our customer service where our experts will guide you. Besides helping you select the right model; they will also guide you about the procedure to buy it.