Revco™ Flammable Storage Freezer, -20℃; 23 cu. ft., 115V – RFMS2320A

Protect flammable materials, solvents and intermediates using Thermo Scientific™ Revco FMS High-Performance Flammable Materials Freezers.These high-performance freezers are designed to meet stringent US Pharmacopeia standards for drug storage as well as the NFPA safety provisions for the storage of flammable liquids. These freezers are designed to maintain a safe environment while keeping valuable samples within a tight temperature range. Each is listed by UL as a special purpose freezer intended for flammable material storage in accordance with NFPA 45,70 and 99.+45, 70 and 99.+

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  • easy to use intuitive digital display featuring microprocessor control
  • Lockable doors, audio and visual alarms including door ajar alarms for security and peace of mind
  • Convenient access port and casters
  • Outstanding construction featuring painted, high-quality steel exteriors with durable finish
  • Ignition-free interior cabinet design for the safe storage of flammable materials
  • Meets safety standards in accordance with UL, NFPA and OSHA for regulatory compliance
  • Optional, built-in, inkless, seven-day graphic chart recorder
  • Optional, barrier-protected 4-20 milliamp output for external monitoring
  • Manual defrost

Ordering Information

Temperature chart recorders, and 4-20 milliamp are available separately. Not Available Outside North America

Note: Products complying with the applicable requirements of NFPA 70, “National Electric Code”, NPFA 45, “Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals,” and NFPA 99 “Health Care Facilities”are considered to meet the OSHA guidelines for these types of facilities. These units have no internal electrical components that could trigger an explosion or fire of flammable materials inside the unit. Flammable material storage units are not for use in classified hazardous locations which require the use of explosion-proof units.

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Weight 435 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 82 in


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